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Humphrey Poland

is a Melbourne builder and sculptor whose work for GKW is:

  • The Goodbye Kind World Sideboard (Recycled fence palings, steel wire and rod (various), string, construction adhesives and glues (various), varnishes and shellacs (various), black pigment, optic fibres, 12volt bulbs (various) Melamine board, glass, 35mm images, black silicone sealan)
Humphrey Poland as a young man
'The Goodbye Kind World Sideboard' Central spike

'The Goodbye Kind World Sideboad' Detail of wood work

'The Goodbye Kind World Sideboard' gallery installation

Artist's statement:

It’s a shelf cos I only do functional things and……………………
20C = consumption = stuff = shelves.
The ‘spike’ is the ‘j’ curve of mankind’s technological evolution – we are now rushing vertical.
The structural fabric is wire, a tied or lashing technology going back to dot. The technology of Polynesian navigators and later western colonisers.
Wire, also the connective thread of society, has tended become hidden, covered or dug in. Optic fibres update this story.
The cladding is recycled fencing, another connective of suburbanity. Rough, weathered, curved near the base reminding of trees, very much vanishing, via the straight smooth and sleek.
Scales, serpent myth, this land.
Constructed/designed as evolutionary workshop theatre.
The images have equal importance with the object ………..the place, the journey……etc
In essence each snap can represent completion of the project.


Currently designer, builder, maker, parent.

Previously youth, firefighter, diver, theatre restaurateur, sailor, boat builder