turn the soil

Turn the Soil is an exhibition of work by ten Australian craftspersons. They explore what their country might have been like if colonised by the nation of their parents.
Off the Beaten Track
Unseasonal greetings
ttstrack.gif (1821 bytes)Off the Beaten Track is a series of workshops that follows the exhibition tour. At each venue, we are invited to add our imaginations to an alternative history of Australia.
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University of Michigan anthropologists using craniofacial measurements have concluded that many Native Americans including the Blackfoot and the Iroquois are descended from the Jomon, the prehistoric people of Japan.

Victoria taken over by Phoenicians
Third-generation Lebanese Steve Bracks becomes Premier of Victoria. He joins many distinguished descendents from Zahle. 

The First Americans were Australians
A BBC documentary argues the possibility that the American continent was first populated by people from Australia

The Portuguese Discovered Australia?
The wreckage of the 'Mahogany ship' recently found in the dunes of Western Victoria supports the claim that the Portuguese were the first European visitors to those shores, well before the British.

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First & Last Supper ttsewhf.jpg (41615 bytes)Spin the wheel of historical fortune.
AnastasiaStories of Anastasia, the Princess who escaped her Soviet captors for the freedom of the 'other' Russia.

Organised by Craft Victoria and sponsored by Visions Australia

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Pierre Cavalan, Jeweller for the United States of AustraliaNow available. Special commemorative tea towels and t-shirts with flags representing alternative histories of Australia. Details here.