A tour through Haven

You enter Long Gallery and look down the passage to Patrick Collin's Majolica tableau in the distance.

There before you is the Geoff Parr installation, featuring plinths covered with an image of a tree stump.

Wheel around to see the monumental painting by Judith Rose-Thomas.

To the left are the fine works by David McLeod.

In the corner stands the eerie cloak by Anna Phillips.

To the left is Pip McManus' installation of plaques for Critchley Parker.

Behind Pip is a noble installation by Hermie Cornelisse.

Beyond Hermie are the delicate textiles by Robyn Gladewright.

Beyond Robyn's work is the intriguing installations by John Vella.

On the back wall are the sombre photographs by Helena Psotova.

And finally,you come across Patrick Collins astounding majolica tableau.

Walking back, you come across the touching installation by Penny Carey Wells.

Looking over Penny's work to the rest of the exhibition.

On the wall hangs Milan Milojevic's dramatic installation of books

Finally, hanging gently in the air is Paul Zika's delicate paper work.

Lastly, the pigeon holes for you to deliver messages to those whose stories have affected you.